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Vintage Sheet Quilt

This is the first quilt I ever started- back at least 5 years ago! However, I got overwhelmed with the size and stashed it away with the rows pieced but not sewn together. (Note: Thanks to my sweet husband for holding this for me on a super windy day until his arms ached!)

Pink & Grey Patchwork Baby QuiltPink & Grey Patchwork Baby Quilt - Detail

Fast forward 4 years and I decided to try a simple patchwork baby quilt for our friend’s baby (excuse the crappy phone pictures! I didn’t think to do real photos before I gifted it!) After I finished- I was hooked! So I decided to pull out my vintage sheet quilt again! Unfortunately, my tastes had changed and I didn’t like half of the fabrics anymore! So I unpicked and salvaged the ones I did like and found other sheets to use for the rest. I also mixed in some quilting tonal prints to coordinate with all the bright florals!

Vintage Sheet Patchwork Quilt

I ended up using 8in squares for this quilt. I backed it with a soft cuddly fabric! I tried spray basting for the first time and loved it! Way better than breaking my back pin basting!

Vintage Sheet Patchwork Quilt - Quilting Detail

For the quilting, I chose to go simple and quilt lines ~1/2 in from each side of the seams. Except it turns out I missed one side of a row that I only noticed recently, after months of use! Ah well- makes it more charming!

Vintage Sheet Patchwork Quilt - Flat

I learned a LOT making this quilt. Namely, the importance of accurate cutting & seam allowances. I also learned not to change the seams trying to make the squares line up. Especially not starting from the outside going to the middle- because you will end up several inches off! Oops! But that’s ok- it’s my first non-baby size quilt and I adore it! It adds such a brightness to our living room against our boring greige rental condo walls and makes me so happy every time I look at it! Now I can’t wait to make many many more quilts!!!

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  1. Tania says:

    That is so pretty! I found your blog because you started following me on Pinterest, I’m so glad too! :o] I have a pinterest board for what to do with vintage sheets and I’m pinning your beautiful quilt!


    • Laura B says:

      Thank you!! Your blog is adorable BTW! :) I tried to comment on your latest post but I don’t have a profile on the sites listed to use.

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