Cricut English Paper Piecing Template Tutorial

English Paper Piecing Template Cricut Tutorial

My sweet Mom surprised me last summer with a Cricut Explore! I haven’t done much paper crafting in the past, but I’ve found tons of uses for my Cricut from wood blocks, to iron on vinyl, to making the templates for my English paper piecing! It took me a while to work out how to get the right size/shape templates, so I wanted to write up a tutorial for anyone else who would like to do this! I include directions for hexagons, diamonds, squares, pentagons, and octagons below!

– Hexagon Tutorial –

Note: You will need a Cricut that interfaces with the online Cricut Design Studio- not one of the older models with the cartridges. If you have an older model that uses Cricut Craft Studio program, I made a similar guide which you can find here! (Note: You can only make hexagon, squares, and diamonds in this program. Also the holes cannot be added- but you can add them with a hole punch after!)

Tip: You can click on the images to open them in a new window for a closer view!

Open the Cricut Design Studio & start a new project.

Click “Insert Shapes” and select a hexagon.

I like to add a hole in my templates for easy template removal. To do this, Click “Insert Shapes” again and select the circle. Click on the circle to adjust your circle size. I usually make mine around 0.4in.

Click and drag your circle to the middle of your hexagon.

Select the circle then hold the “Shift” key and select the hexagon. Click on the “Layers” tab in the sidebar and then click “Slice”. This cuts the circle out of your hexagon for you.

Select the circle in the middle and press delete on your keyboard. Select the circle and click delete a second time. You are now left with your hexagon template!

Adjust your hexagon width to your desired size per the table below. The height will update automatically!

Select your hexagon and click “Copy” then “Paste” until you have your desired amount of hexagons. No need to organize them in this view, Cricut will move them automatically when you go to cut.

When you are ready to cut, click “Cut” and follow the Cricut directions for making your cut. I like to use office supply cardstock for my templates. For mine, I set my Cricut halfway between “Light Cardstock” and “Cardstock”. Cut out your shapes and remove from your Cricut mat! You are all finished!

– Diamond Tutorial –


Follow the same steps as above, but inserting a diamond instead of a hexagon.

Click on the diamond and click “edit”. Then, click on the lock symbol next to the sizes. This will allow you to change the diamond proportions.

diamond compare

Use the size tables below to determine the right width & height for the size & shape diamonds you want!




– Square Tutorial –


Follow the same directions as hexagons but choose square.

square shape

For the size, use the side length you want for both the width and height.

– Pentagon Tutorial –


Follow the same steps as above, but inserting a pentagon instead of a hexagon.

Then use the size tables below to determine the right height. The width will update automatically!


– Octagon Tutorial –


Follow the same steps as above, but inserting a octagon instead of a hexagon.

Then use the size tables below to determine the right width. The height will update automatically!


I hope this helps! If you have any questions, let me know! :)



Cricut English Paper Piecing Template Tutorial


  1. Vicki Richardson says:

    You are my amazing Angel tonight. I have been buying my EPP from paper piece’s and it does get expensive after awhile. Especially if you are doing something big like a quilt. I wonder if I could convince you to try a coffin shape and/or pointed ended Dresden plate? I have 2 Cricut Expression’s, and 1 Cricut Expression 2, and I doubt if one machine has been plugged in I am being generous. I didn’t understand how to use them, and I am just not a tech type person. So I came across your blog and almost cried. I am in the morning breaking these things out and will succeed. All because you went the extra ten miles to help others. Thank you from the bottom of my cotton picking heart.


    • Laura B says:

      Thank you for your kind words! They mean so much to me! :) I haven’t heard of the Cricut Expression machines- so I looked them up. Unfortunately, because they are the older models they do not work with the Cricut Design Space (used in this tutorial). They use a program called Cricut Craft Studio (downloadable here: ). This program is based on the cartridges, so it has less shapes available- but you can still do hexagons, squares, and diamonds. Cricut Craft Room will not let you add your own shapes, so I can’t make coffin/Dresden plates. But I went through and made a quick guide on how to make the EPP templates in Cricut Craft Studio- you can find the instructions here: . You can’t add the holes in Cricut Craft Studio- but those are easy to add with a hole punch! :)

      If you need any help with how to use Cricut Craft Studio, there looks to be some good tutorials on this blog: .

      If you have any questions or need any help you can also email me at :)

  2. Roberta says:

    I am so excited to find this tutorial ! I had already figured out the hexagon but have been unable to figure out the diamonds. Followed your instructions (Craft Room) and the came out perfect !.

    Thank you so much

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