Encircled Love - Free Mini Quilt Pattern

Encircled Love – Free Mini Quilt / Table Topper Pattern

This year, I decided to participate in the Try Something New Every Month challenge hosted by Stephanie & Rebecca! You can read the details at Swoodson Says or Hugs Are Fun. The theme for January is Quilting! I decided to make this heart mini quilt / table topper (& free pattern!)

This was my first time writing a pattern, spiral quilting, making my own bias tape, and binding a circle! Lots of firsts here! I absolutely loved it! I am so happy to be able to share the pattern here free! You can download it by clicking here.

I thought of this idea in bed one night and I had to write it down before I forgot! It took a few months to have time to make the pattern, but after Christmas I finally had time to try this out!

Close up of my (slightly wiggly) spiral quilting! I used my walking foot and followed the tutorial here. It was harder to keep the circles consistent than I expected, but the effect is still pretty! I also added a teeny little heart at the center!

If you use the pattern, I’d love to see it! Tag it with #EncircledLove so I can see! :) And if you have any questions or issues, please let me know at Kittensandthreads@gmail.com!




  1. Stephanie says:

    This is stunning, I can’t believe it is that many firsts! I am pinning this around, what a fun pattern. I admin a group of sewing & craft bloggers on Facebook too, I’m happy to add you if you’d like :)

  2. Laura says:

    So pretty! I have never really made anything in a circle, but I love how this works as an understated valentine’s decor piece.

    Thanks for taking the time to make and share the pattern!

  3. Brandy says:

    Laura, the pattern is really well written, thank you so much for sharing it with us. I love that you illustrated each step so clearly. Did you use a program to make the diagrams? Or just draw it up in Word? I have a few pattern ideas floating around in my head and am trying to find out what others find useful. Have you seen the pattern writing series they are doing at Meadow Mist Designs? I’m excited to see what all comes from it. And thank you for the reference to the Try Something New Every Month, it’s such a great idea, I will have to join in!

    • Laura B says:

      Thank you!! I used good ol’ Microsoft Word! ☺ I did see the series- thanks! I’m excited to read the tips as I definitely want to learn more and improve for my next pattern! And I hope you do join TSNEM- it’s going to be a fun way to expand my skills this year!

  4. Laura, this is such a cute table topper! You are a fast learner with all of those firsts in one project. I appreciate the free pattern and I know how much work goes into putting it all together. I’m glad that I read the previous comments and saw that you used Microsoft Word. That’s where I’m at with pattern writing, but you’ve done a much better job than I did!

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