Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the internet! My name is Laura and I thought I would share a little bit about myself, my life, and my blog!

About Me

I am an engineer by trade, but a crafter at heart! I am a wife to my amazing husband, a cat-mom to my 2 wonderful fur babies, and my husband and I are the leads for our Junior High group at church. I absolutely adore animals- especially cats, pugs, and llamas! I have been sewing since I was 14 (11 years now!) and I am mostly self-taught with online tutorials and lots of trial and error! I mostly sew but also dabble in many other crafts including embroidery and home décor. I am excited to get to share my crafts and life with you all!

About My Kitties


Chloe is my intelligent, cautious, little wild cat. She is very observant & would be a very good hunter if I let her outside! She loves to chase her mouse toys and occasionally lets me love on her!

Luna is our younger cat- only 1.5 years old. She is our little goofball! Where Chloe stands back to observe first, Luna just jumps right in! She loves to play with anything that moves and lets me love on her occasionally (though mostly from 2-4am!).

Why I Started a Blog

I decided to start a blog because I have been so inspired by all the amazing blogs out there! I am constantly getting inspiration, using tutorials, and finding awesome patterns on blogs. So I wanted a space to share my crafts, tips, and (eventually) patterns as well! I hope that I can be an inspiration & resource to other crafters :)

Why I chose “Kittens & Threads”

Well- mostly because I am a crazy cat lady! I tried out a ton of different names, but when my amazing hubby suggested “Kittens & Threads” it just clicked!

–Quick PSA for all my fellow crafty kitty owners! Please be careful about how you dispose of thread, yarn, or even dental floss! Kitties will eat these and they get tied up in their digestive tracts which can lead to surgery or death! Last year, Chloe ate some dental floss, and after a long stressful night at the emergency vet, she was thankfully able to pass it. Needless to say, now the rule is that all floss gets thrown in the covered garbage only!!—

Well, that is about all! I am excited about this new adventure! I sincerely hope I can help & inspire others the way I have been for so long!

Thanks for visiting my humble little blog!