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Rainbow Rays - Free Foundation Paper Pieced Quilt Block Pattern

Rainbow Rays – Free Quilt Block Pattern

When I saw the zipper pouch swap on Instagram, I just had to join! My partner liked modern designs- so I went with a modern rainbow for the pouch. I used Quilt Assistant to create my own foundation paper piecing pattern for the top. Now, I am offering the pattern for the top of the pouch for free! You can download the pattern by clicking here! The pattern includes the foundation paper piecing pattern, some tips/tricks, and coloring sheets you can use to try out colors! Basic foundation paper piecing instructions are not included, but there is a great tutorial here!

Rainbow Rays - Free Foundation Paper Pieced Quilt Block Pattern

I created the pattern to fit the top of the medium Open Wide Pouch Pattern, but you can enlarge/shrink if you need a different size! On its own, this block completes at 12in x 4.5in (unfinished) and 11.5in x 4in (finished). You can use the finished block as the top of an open wide pouch or make several to put together to make your own mini quilt! :)

Rainbow Rays - Free Foundation Paper Pieced Quilt Block Pattern

Overall, I am super happy with how this pattern & pouch turned out! If you use the pattern, I’d love to see what you make! Tag me on social media or send me an email at!

 I hope you enjoy! :)

Fabric Fun Friday

Fabric Fun Friday – Week 4!

Welcome to my weekly post- Fabric Fun Friday! Each week, I pick an image as inspiration for a fabric pull to practice pulling new fabric combinations! This week I was inspired by this pretty floral fabric I found at Joanns instead of a picture! I couldn’t help leaving with a small piece!

Fabric Fun Friday Week 4

Here is my fabric pull! The fabric info is below:

  • Navy: Unknown
  • Green:Calico by Dear Stella
  • Yellow: Joanns
  • Pink: Unknown- I’d guess this was from Joanns as well.
  • Floral: Joanns
Paper Heart-1

Try Something New Every Month – Paper Making (+Mini Tutorial)!

This year, I am participating in the Try Something New Every Month challenge hosted by Stephanie & Rebecca! You can read the details at Swoodson Says or Hugs Are Fun. The theme for February is Tactile Craft- I decided to try handmade paper! I’m not 100% sure this is tactile craft, but its close enough to paper mache!

Handmade Paper Heart Bunting

I looked up some tutorials- but I didn’t want to use a blender because the paper dulls the blades. Since I wasn’t sure if I’d do this more than once, I decided to do it inexpensively! The process was very simple, so I thought I’d do a mini-tutorial for how I did it! Here are the supplies needed (I bought them all from the dollar store!)

  • Red, pink, and white construction paper
  • White printer paper
  • A large jug with a tight cap (you will be shaking the watery mixture!)
  • A cookie sheet
  • A tea towel
  • A rolling pin (or Pam spray can!)

Handmade Paper

I started by cutting my paper into 1 in by 0.5 in strips. I then combined the strips in the jug and added enough water to cover. I let the mixture soak for 4-5 days, shaking the jug several times a day to help break up the paper.


Once the mixture was nice and pulpy, I moved on to the next step!

Handmade Paper

I took handfuls of paper and squeezed most of the water out. I then placed it in a cookie tray from the dollar store and flattened it out as best as I could by hand.

Handmade Paper

Next, I covered the cookie tray with a tea towel and soaked up more of the water. I used a Pam spray can as a rolling pin and flattened it out with the towel over top.

Handmade Paper

 Once I was done, I just had to let it dry! Once it was dry, I drew heart shapes on the back of the paper. I then cut them out with regular scissors. Beware, the paper was a little weak- so be careful while you cut!

Handmade Paper Hearts

I then attached the hearts to the string approximately 2 inches apart. To be honest- I couldn’t find the glue so I just duct taped the string to the back! Haha!

Handmade Paper Heart Bunting

I ended up having enough for 2 strings, so I made one longer and one shorter. I hung them on the wall with tape and covered the ends with little hearts from Target!

I had a lot of fun trying paper making this month! It turned out much better than I expected and it wasn’t hard at all! I hope this post helps you if you’d like to make your own! Now to plot what to try for March!!

Thanks for reading!


Fabric Fun Friday

Fabric Fun Friday Week 3!

Welcome to my weekly post- Fabric Fun Friday! Each week, I pick an image as inspiration for a fabric pull to practice pulling new fabric combinations! This week, I was inspired by these beautiful zoanthid’s!


Photo Credit: Dusky’s Wonder Site (Photo found on Pinterest)

Here is my fabric pull! The fabric info is below:

  • Navy Stripe: Blueberry Park by Karen Lewis
  • Navy Floral: True Colors by Anna Maria Horner
  • Medium Blue: Blueberry Park by Karen Lewis
  • Turquoise: Horizon by Kate Spain
  • Aqua: Canyon by Kate Spain
  • Green: Canyon by Kate Spain
  • Light Pink: Cottage Garden by The Quilted Fish
  • Dark Pink: Canyon by Kate Spain

This week I chose to pull from charm packs because that was about the only navy fabrics I had! This was fun to pull, much darker than I usually choose, but I love the result!

Thanks for stopping by!


Vintage Sheet Quilt - Kittens & Threads

Vintage Sheet Quilt

This is the first quilt I ever started- back at least 5 years ago! However, I got overwhelmed with the size and stashed it away with the rows pieced but not sewn together. (Note: Thanks to my sweet husband for holding this for me on a super windy day until his arms ached!)

Pink & Grey Patchwork Baby QuiltPink & Grey Patchwork Baby Quilt - Detail

Fast forward 4 years and I decided to try a simple patchwork baby quilt for our friend’s baby (excuse the crappy phone pictures! I didn’t think to do real photos before I gifted it!) After I finished- I was hooked! So I decided to pull out my vintage sheet quilt again! Unfortunately, my tastes had changed and I didn’t like half of the fabrics anymore! So I unpicked and salvaged the ones I did like and found other sheets to use for the rest. I also mixed in some quilting tonal prints to coordinate with all the bright florals!

Vintage Sheet Patchwork Quilt

I ended up using 8in squares for this quilt. I backed it with a soft cuddly fabric! I tried spray basting for the first time and loved it! Way better than breaking my back pin basting!

Vintage Sheet Patchwork Quilt - Quilting Detail

For the quilting, I chose to go simple and quilt lines ~1/2 in from each side of the seams. Except it turns out I missed one side of a row that I only noticed recently, after months of use! Ah well- makes it more charming!

Vintage Sheet Patchwork Quilt - Flat

I learned a LOT making this quilt. Namely, the importance of accurate cutting & seam allowances. I also learned not to change the seams trying to make the squares line up. Especially not starting from the outside going to the middle- because you will end up several inches off! Oops! But that’s ok- it’s my first non-baby size quilt and I adore it! It adds such a brightness to our living room against our boring greige rental condo walls and makes me so happy every time I look at it! Now I can’t wait to make many many more quilts!!!

Thanks for reading!